• Question: I will come at CERN in a few days. What do you advice me to notice in order to get the most from this visit? how LHC works or what is the aim of it?

    Asked by whiteheb to James_M on 21 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: James M Monk

      James M Monk answered on 21 Jun 2011:

      The best thing you could do is get a tour of the experimental hall where the detector is, but sadly right now you won’t be able to go down there because the machine is running and it is all closed up.

      To be honest I haven’t thought about visiting from the point of view of a visitor – I am always there foe work and just go to the places I need to. There is something called the globe of innovation where they have exhibits I think. I don’t know if there are tours of the control rooms for the experiments – you could ask about that.

      At first glance, CERN doesn’t *look* like a hi-tech place. It is a collection of various sheds and things built since the 1950s.