Philip Dolan

Photo: Philip

Me and my Work: I shine lasers on diamonds with the hope of making a better computer (one day).

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Monica Jung De Andrade

Photo: Monica

Me and my Work: Over the shoulders of giants, to make small contributions for science by producing building blocks in the nanoscale (ex: nanotubes, nanowires, nanospheres).

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James Monk

Photo: James

Me and my Work: I analyse collision data on proton collisions from the Large Hadron Collider

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Ceri Brenner

Photo: Ceri

Me and my Work: I’m a laser plasma physicist, which basically involves shooting ridiculously intense laser pulses at tiny targets and looking at all the stuff that comes flying off with a view to use this interaction, for example, to build a compact particle accelerator.

Status: wow, i can't believe it-**yay**! so so happy and thankful to all that voted for me and kept me here till the end, it's been a brilliant fortnight, spreading the joy of science, i've loved it! more answers to questions still to come if i can

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Arttu Rajantie

Photo: Arttu

Me and my Work: I do research in theoretical cosmology, using our knowledge of particle physics to understand how the universe began, and teach physics to university students.

Status: Sad to have lost, but it was great fun. Thanks all for your questions and votes. And congratulations, Ceri! You deserved to win.

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